Six month Programme


A real favourite for clients, this programme provides you with a sustained period of reflection, exploration and development. On this programme you will meet with your coach, usually for two hours per month. This is a great programme to support career transitions, bed in a or for building presence and potential to take the next step in your career.

A six-month programme enables you to make notable gains in performance and delivery, evaluating and reviewing each progression to maximise potential benefits. It will help you to create and embed sustained change through greater understanding of how your beliefs, patterns and assumptions influence how you are perceived and perform. Whether your requirement comes from the need to address limiting beliefs, to better self manage or to address career-limiting feedback, this programme delivers.

Using analysis tools such as 360-degree feedback, diagnostic and strength based instruments you will develop a clear self-understanding and see problematic areas in a different light. The progressive exploration of coaching positively challenges thinking and assumptions. Your coach will help you to structure and employ your strengths and develop strategies to meet the most demanding of roles.

You will be coached positively for your development. Your coach will use techniques from positive psychology, strength (individual naturally occurring preferences that support performance) and behavioural coaching along with NLP to provide holistic change. It will help you align with your values and beliefs and define your requirements for success.

This programme is an excellent for option for organisations looking to sponsor their staff through a coaching programme. A tri-party approach with the company, individual and coach provides valuable opportunities for coachee understanding of development initiatives, whilst retaining the confidentiality created by an external provider.

From this programme you will develop and test action plans, examine your patterns of behaviour and interaction enabling you to create an authentic presence, style and approach. You will test and experiment defined actions, working closely with and gaining insight from stakeholders, evaluating interactions and responses maximising progress.

The coaching process will help you create your personal brand with a clear vision. You will broaden your horizons consider the implications of systems thinking and strategically manage interactions. This programme is designed for clients pursuing real change in specified areas of their life or those seeking to take their performance to the next level.

At the end of this programme you will have a greatly improved sense of self, a defined brand and leadership approach, increased clarity and self-awareness and improved presence and authenticity.

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