Leadership Programme


Often leaders are selected on their technical ability, their subject knowledge and their ability to deliver complex tasks. The knowledge, skills and abilities used to rise to management positions are often quite different to those needed to provide leadership. This is a great transition or development programme to support you to become secure in a leadership role.

Our leadership programme helps you to develop your profile, management tools and people skills to increase your performance. Your coach will be a highly experienced people manager, adept and understanding the difficult demands and requirements leadership roles can make.

We can work with your organisation’s leadership model or support you through sharing knowledge and understanding of key leadership theories. Our aim is that you will develop your own authentic brand of leadership. We will seek to evolve your self-awareness and knowledge using strengths analysis (individual naturally occurring preferences that support performance) and coaching techniques. You will then build a strategy around your positive attributes, identify your areas of development and be empowered to address them.

You will work to increase your presence and understand your key stakeholders. Developing a clear leadership brand that enables you to communicate clearly with your team, support engagement and increase performance. Analysis tools will allow you to check how you are being perceived, what’s working and where you need to improve your delivery. It will help you to enable your people, drive performance and deliver against organisational and role requirements.

For organisations it’s a great accompaniment to more general hi-potential programs by providing expert coaching focused on the specific needs of the individual. We work alongside management to define requirements whilst still providing the confidentiality and safety to really enable leaders to explore, understand and develop.

The Leadership Programme is flexible in length and frequency and can be tailored to the both the needs of the organisation and the individual.

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