Annual Programme


Taking a multi-dimensional approach this programme works to develop your self and external perception, putting you at the front of your game in the most challenging of circumstances. Accomplished by building an in-depth picture of you and how you operate with your stakeholders; the coaching process will challenge you to develop. Armed with a clear sense of self you’ll be able to clearly identify goals that will leverage your greatest performance improvements.

Initially you and your coach will utilise a variety of evaluation and feedback tools; engaging with stakeholders from all aspects of your life. Your coach may also speak directly with them as well as attend engagements and meetings with you. Through this process you will broaden your perception and understanding of yourself. You and your coach will really get to know you, fully understanding the impact you make. This level of coaching is for clients who are seeking to really distinguish themselves.

The coaching programme will provide for ongoing review and generate measurements against specifically defined goals. This is a true partnership approach, focused on your development, tailored to your unique needs and delivered through challenging coaching.

Our belief in systems thinking, strengths (individual naturally occurring preferences that support performance) and positive psychology are key aspects of this programme. We work to enable you to transform through shifting your thinking, understanding and perception. You will commit to challenging actions that are derived from deep exploration that in turn will provide greater levels of insight to enable you to review, update and progress.

The coaching programme will create vision and help define your style and approach to leadership. It will empower you to strategically explore the systems in which you operate and the environmental and people challenges and enable you to define the key leverage points and interrelationships.   You may consider the individual aspects of emotional intelligence, how these inform your leadership style and how to best focus your development. You will analyse your thinking patterns, beliefs and assumptions that are inherent in your approach and actions, challenging you to define and validate your style.

During your sessions you will tackle key issues that you are facing, working with clean coaching to help you explore and define how you can deliver. You will commit to actions and develop clear strategies that you will take forward to meet your goals

During this programme you will meet 10 times across a 12 month period, you will have unlimited access to support via email and agreed telephone contact to ensure you are progressing. This is coaching for those seeking to truly differentiate themselves and progress their performance and well-being.

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