Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching for Business Leaders & Senior Managers

Executive coaching programmes at Vantage People create a space and platform that enables you to identify new insights and understandings. You will explore yourself, your relationships and your surroundings to create new levels of awareness. This fresh perspective will enable you to work to develop your behaviour, thinking and performance.

With 70% of what we do occurring on autopilot, we often lack the conscious awareness of our behaviours and patterns. Right now you will be operating with mental blocks and beliefs that are conditioned by your past experiences. These will have impacted how you process and respond on both conscious and unconscious levels. Developed over time without your explicit knowledge, you have followed preconditioned responses and behaviours without paying attention to or noticing how they affect your actions. We help you to see and redefine these blocks and beliefs, become intentional and considered so that you can focus to achieve your goals in new and exciting ways.

Our executive coaching process will enable you to explore and develop yourself, your leadership and your performance. You will work to reveal your awareness and enlighten what is felt beneath the surface but not always understood. Our process will help you to explore your strengths, develop your beliefs and see new paths, to meet the challenges you face. By looking deeply within your self, your relational systems, experiences and roles our coaching provides a fresh understanding of ‘what is’ and the space and tools to focus on and gain the best opportunities for you to manage your success and wellbeing.

Our expertise lies in people and organisations, aiding them to create that dance that occurs when they see how to achieve great things together. Through our executive coaching programme we’ll help you to create and deliver leadership for your business and its people. We will provide the opportunity to see the future with new clarity, creating workplaces that can flex and thrive within turbulent climates.

We work more widely – our approach is systemic. We provide coaching that enables clients to see themselves and their interconnected relationships. We shine a light on issues and thinking in a new way. To do this we have developed a unique coaching concept that works with leaders to understand the developmental focus for themselves and their organisation. We work holistically with the person and the wider system to highlight relationships and interconnections, unifying the person with their strengths to increase personal and organisational well-being and deliver results.

We work to create genuine change, by working key areas

– Understanding your environment and how it impacts on you.

– Skills, knowledge, aptitude and behaviour.

– Self-awareness, confidence, learning capacity and creativity.

– Purpose, values, beliefs and mindset.

Our Programmes Include:




A bespoke programme will help you prepare for a particular event or to tackle a defined issue. The 1-to-1 coaching session(s) can be tailored from two hours to a full day or more.





A real favourite for clients and agreat programme to support career transitions, during this programme you’ll meet with your coach, usually for two hours per month.





Our annual coaching programme will provide review and measurement against specifically defined goals.  This is coaching for those seeking to truly differentiate themselves and progress their performance and well-being.




A great transition or development programme to help you build your profile, management tools and people skills to increase your performance. Your coach will be an experienced people manager, adept at understanding the demands of leadership roles.


Our Coaching Approach

You’ll work with a qualified coach, aligned with the ethical and professional standards of the ICF.  A safe confidential development-focused conversation, removing the isolation for senior leader to deliver positive personal and business gains.

Our experience allows us to work with a wide spectrum of tools and approaches, fully tailoring our practice to meet client needs.  First we seek to understand you, your business, your environment and your challenges.

From the knowledge we gain during this process we design a coaching programme that is specifically tailored to you, based on your needs. This offers an insight into successful leadership through deep reflection and challenge – leading to greater self-awareness.

We use a variety of tools, including strength profiles, Emotional Intelligence and 360°, building on your strengths to move you toward your goals.

Our Coaching Services

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Strength Coaching
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Presence/Confidence Coaching
  • Developmental Coaching
  • Career/Transition Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Talent Coaching